Who we are?


Since Hammel Furniture´s establishment 1961 we focus on manufacturing quality furniture that combines Danish design heritage with contemporary yet visionary design.

Hammel Furniture is a modern and social-minded plant with up-to-date production facilities and focus on the quality in every step.

Our furniture is designed and produced at our own plant in Hammel, Denmark.

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Social and cousious working environment

Hammel Furniture takes pride in supporting our internal working environment and is continously also working on taking social responsiblity in our local environment.

Hammel Furniture aims to maintain satisfied and confident employees. In that respect we offer reduced working hours for those employees thar are not capable of working full time. In close cooperation with the local authority in Hammel, Hammel Furniture is now employing a number of persons in jobs with reduced working hours.




Hammel Furniture on film 
Here you can watch a movie about Hammel Furniture and about the making of a MISTRAL cabinet.



In Focus right now!

  • MISTRAL bedside table

    MISTRAL bedside table

    Cabinet No. 032 in white with black drop-down fabric front No. 152

  • MISTRAL hanger

    MISTRAL hanger

    Hanger No. 201 (dusty green) and No. 202 (oak). Available in all MISTRAL colors.

  • MISTRAL new models

    MISTRAL new models

    Cabinet 131 (blue) + 132 (anthracite) + 4x134 (anthracite) + 052 (blue) + 036 (anthracite)

  • MISTRAL wooden handles

    MISTRAL wooden handles

    New wooden handles No. 203. Available in white, black, oak and soap treated light beech.

  • MISTRAL bar cabinet

    MISTRAL bar cabinet

    Cabinet No. 004 (black stained) used as a bar :-)