Vision and mission


We aim at being one of the best furniture manufactures of storage and dining furniture designed with functionality, high quality and affordable prices in mind.


We make storage and dining furniture designed with functionality in mind. We develop and manufacture funiture of high quality at affordable prices for retailers worldwide.

We strive to be market leader in Scandinavia and further on to be an approved furniture manufacturer on other, selected markets. We deliver functional furniture of quality, and we offer good service.








In Focus right now!

  • MISTRAL bedside table

    MISTRAL bedside table

    Cabinet No. 032 in white with black drop-down fabric front No. 152

  • MISTRAL hanger

    MISTRAL hanger

    Hanger No. 201 (dusty green) and No. 202 (oak). Available in all MISTRAL colors.

  • MISTRAL new models

    MISTRAL new models

    Cabinet 131 (blue) + 132 (anthracite) + 4x134 (anthracite) + 052 (blue) + 036 (anthracite)

  • MISTRAL wooden handles

    MISTRAL wooden handles

    New wooden handles No. 203. Available in white, black, oak and soap treated light beech.

  • MISTRAL bar cabinet

    MISTRAL bar cabinet

    Cabinet No. 004 (black stained) used as a bar :-)