Mistral – a holistic solution with smart details

A flexible and classic furniture series that can be expanded to meet your needs. The modules can be composed in new ways, and new modules can always be added. 
Mistral is available in a wide range of modules and colours. It’s entirely up to you how the modules are arranged. And the possibilities are endless.


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Endless possibilities make Mistral unique

Mistral is functional quality furniture with smoothly sliding drawers and doors which are ready to use. Over and over again. Hammel Furniture manufactures the popular Mistral shelving system. Classic designer shelving which is manufactured at our factory in Denmark. Mistral shelving is a flexible furniture series that can be expanded to meet your needs. 



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The Hammel Furniture story

Since 1961, Hammel Furniture has manufactured furniture based on proud Danish craftsmanship traditions. Production takes place at our factories in Hammel and Skærbæk. In Hammel, the factory manufactures dining tables, coffee tables and shelving (including the well-known Mistral shelving, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022). The factory in Skærbæk, which joined the Hammel family in 2018, has been manufacturing beautiful dining tables and lounge chairs since 1946.


Mistral has existed since 1991, and is now manufactured – as then – in Denmark at Hammel’s factory in central Jutland.

The Mistral shelving system is designed with you in mind – you who appreciate individuality and who wants to create your own personal yet functional look. Because it’s entirely up to you how the modules are arranged.

And the shelving possibilities are endless. A flexible furniture series that can be expanded to meet your needs.

You can certainly describe Mistral as living Danish craftsmanship. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Denmark. At our furniture factory in Hammel, which was founded in 1961.

There is always something you want to hide away. We all have such possessions in our homes. The little secret items that don’t need to stand in full view where everyone can see them.

Perhaps they are just a bit too private. A little too revealing. It might be personal memories from the past – or a hobby that needs to remain private.

Mistral makes it easy to store and hide things away. And if an aunt drops by, you can quickly extract the embarrassing gift she gave you and place it in full view. For a while ...


Mistral is available in 11 lacquer colours and four real wood veneers

The beautiful Mistral handle is designed by Jacob Jacobsen

All the doors and drawers feature soft-close

All modules are supplied assembled – simply mount the fronts yourself

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