Signe Sjøstrand

Signe likes to work playfully and freely with her ideas. She dares to challenge the traditional, but still designs meaningful and functional designs for the home. Her inspiration comes from many places, and she draws great inspiration from the designs she has encountered throughout her childhood and youth. Signe believes that this is why her designs always have a kind of recognizability, but at the same time are a breath of fresh air. She loves colors and thinks we should have more colors in the home.

Born in 1997, educated as an industrial designer from the Design School in Kolding in 2020.

Signe has named the lamp ‘’Heim’’ after Heimdal from Nordic mythology. His name and role were mysterious but had to do with light according to the words ‘’He who shines over the world’’.

Heim by Hammel designed by Signe Sjøstrand